Taipei 101


Captured from the hilltop of Elephant mountain. Absolutely in awe of this once the tallest building in the world. This beauty is lit at night in what feels like the centre of the financial district of Taiwan. In under 30 minutes of a hike, you’d come across this spectacular view that is so worth it.




Short trip to Singa and the harbour didn’t disappoint me with the spectacular architecture of Marina Bay Sands. Complete this with their water and light show which runs during weekends. Layover in Singapore? This is a must see.

A hint of Eastern Sydney

If you wanna get away from the city-feeling Sydney has, look not far away because in just about 30mins you’ll feel like you’re in a far away place.

Another thing that I really like about Sydney is that, it doesn’t take you too long of a ride to escape from the city. Eastern Sydney offers you plenty of beaches to choose from. And it is a not to be miss on your itinerary. Whenever someone visits here, I always recommend doing the Bondi Beach – Macquarie Lighthouse – Gap Park to Watsons Bay tour. This is definitely can be done in half a day depends on how much photo-op you’re gonna take (because every spot is worth taking a photo).

Coming from the city, take the bus 380 or 389, both will take you to Bondi. On a busy day like holidays or weekends, it’s better to ride the bus from the city because when it gets to Bondi Junction station, the bus will already be full and you have to stand for 10-15mins.


When you get to Bondi, you will be greeted with locals having their usual tan, surfers, beach-goers and fine sand. Be sure to not forget your thongs (flipflops/slippers whatever)! You can have a swim, play with the sand, or even just enjoy the sea breeze and ambience. Once you get enough of it, head over to the Bondi – Coogee coastal walk which will lead you to Bondi Icebergs and fantastic views of Bondi beach. I recommend doing the Coastal walk until Marks Park.

After that, take the same 380 bus going to Macquarie Lighthouse. If you go on the right day, you can book a tour and get inside the lighthouse. Or you can just take photo and take it all in.


From here, just walk towards the Gap Bluff. You will be treated with spectacular views of the sea while being caressed by the sea breeze. Another tip, put on your sunscreen, hat and sunnies, sun may be harsh. Coastal walk paths will lead you to the Gap Bluff which is a very touristy place and can get crowded. Nonetheless, it its a brilliant work of nature which left me in awe.


If you still continue, you will be able to see Hornby lighthouse or you can just head-over down Watson Bay for a sumptuous fish and chips.


You have two options going back to the city, either take the bus or hop on the Watsons bay ferry to Circular Quay from 45mins and 20mins, respectively. If you think this is not enough for you, why not take the 30min scenic Manly ferry after at Circular Quay?

Martin Place


1 Martin Place in Sydney CBD

Too long since my last post. I thought I could’ve blog about my last trip in Sydney and Canberra, but unfortunately I was too busy living life and haven’t had a chance to do so. However, even before the new year resolution era starts (2017 hell..yeah!), I thought I’d share random street photos from my runabouts here in my new home – Sydney. Yes, I recently moved and has now settled down which is why I can probably start blogging again.

The above photo was taken in Martin Place just right beside the Martin Place train station. This building houses big names here in Sydney CBD. If you happen to be doing a walking tour around the area, don’t miss your chance and drop by Martin Place which is where the annual ANZAC memorial is held.

Happiest place on Earth

Almost all kid has dreamed of visiting Disneyland. Unfortunately for me, I wasn’t able to come until I am twenty-freaking-five years old. Despite that being the case, it didn’t stop me from being a kid again when I went to Disneyland last November. ‘Coz you know it’s freaking Disney and who doesn’t love Disney right?! I have lived my childhood watching Disney channel and Disney movies.

Although the theme park is definitely for the young ones, it’s still worth going to but do not expect any extreme ride that will blow your head-off. It’s all that kiddy feels and to be honest, I did really felt like a kid again visiting the said theme park. I think I got teary-eyed from the park’s highlight which is the must-see 3pm parade of the stars, 8pm flight of fantasy and the finale, the most popular, Disney fireworks.

You could easily spend a day at the park but get ready for your money to be taken away. Everything here is Disneyland priced especially the food. I would say the food inside is pretty decent for the price. Also, the same with other theme parks, the souvenirs you can see inside would be solely exclusive inside.

All in all, it’s totally worth going to HK Disneyland at least once in your life. 🙂


Sydney.. Sydney.. Sydney

Oh. I just fell in love with Sydney. It’s always been Japan, Korea or Europe in my mind whenever I think of places that I definitely want to go. Until, I got sent to this lovely place and I never want to leave it.

I was suppose to do one last Hong Kong post but, because of a major sepanx, I ended up posting about Sydney.


This photo was taken from the Sydney Harbour bridge walkway which is a popular viewing point of the Sydney Opera house. If you want to see the best view of the Opera, this is it. You can do the harbour bridge walk either starting from The Rocks (near Circular Quay station) or from Milsons Point (near Milsons Point station).

With a good weather, sunset and cold autumn air, this was the best 2km walk that I’ve done in Sydney and/or anywhere else. The bridge walkway is also a popular jogging place of many Aussies albeit it doesn’t really get crowded. The walk probably took around 30minutes including photo ops and just enjoying the entire view of the harbour and the opera. This is a must do in Sydney. Absolutely.