There’s so many places to explore around Osaka and Kyoto. Given that it was named as the “Nation’s Kitchen” and the “City of Ten Thousand Shrines”, respectively. There’s so much of it to explore and a seven days trip wouldn’t fit much. But if you’re a history lover, here is our itinerary for our 7D6N in the Kansai region.

When I did plan our itinerary, I roughly included every single train ride that we need to get into. Google has a good coverage of Japan that you won’t be much in trouble of getting into the wrong train.

Day 1 

The first day was only getting settled in Japan as we flew via Cebu Pacific which only has a single flight every day. When we arrive it was almost midnight and no more time to explore as trains stops operation right before midnight. You’ll be like Cinderella here in Japan and not your 24 hours bus at home.

Day 1 Osaka JapanDay 2

Second day was spent entirely at Universal Studios Japan. Believe me that it’s worth a visit especially if you’re a Harry Potter fan. I have blogged our experience at USJ here.

Osaka USJ

We didn’t purchase the amazing pass due to laziness but I’m sure it’s really a good value

Day 3

Third day we were in Kyoto. If you’re a history person, you’d probably love it here (so I did). You walk a little and you see a shrine. Almost everything speaks history. And I just really fell in love. You can read a glimpse of our trip to Kyoto here.

Osaka Kyoto Day 2

We wen’t to Inari later on our trip and went to Kinkakuji straight away.

Kyoto Tour

Kyoto Tour

Some of it weren’t followed

Day 4 and 5

It was maybe of lack exercise which is why we always get a late start. Because the original itinerary intends to start early to be able to complete it. I decided to not follow it and just go where our feet takes us to.

Day 4 Japan

Osaka again. We’ve pretty much done the alternate thing. Kyoto is just an hour or so from Osaka which made the trip a lot easier. Although if you really want to spend a lot more time in Kyoto, I guess it is better to make Kyoto your home base. Day 4 and 5 can be read here.

Day 4 Osaka

Day 6

My energy we’re all depleted.

Day 6 Kyoto

Day 7

Going home. This was probably one of the best part of my trip. Drinking coffee al fresco style at a coffee shop while watching the world passes by contemplating about the whole trip.

day 7 osaka

Last two days here


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