Bucket List

Everyone has a bucket list and so I am listing mine.

  1. Skydive ugh?
  2. Bunjee jump in NZ
  3. Aurora Borealis in Norway
  4. Feel like a tourist in Eiffel Tower and streets of Paris
  5. Quick get-away in Cote de Azur
  6. Roman Holiday in Rome
  7. Take a pic of the picturesque Prague
  8. Castle hopping in Germany
  9. Take the Trans-Siberian Line
  10. Explore Machu Picchu
  11. Hot air balloon in Cappadocia
  12. Aye. Aye. Ayers Rocks
  13. Go to Forbidden City in China
  14. Walk the Great Wall of China
  15. Sydney New Year’s Eve
  16. Cruise the Mediterranean
  17. See Big Ben and the Buckingham Palace
  18. Go back to history in Petra
  19. Mamma mia vibes in Greece
  20. Do touristy stuff in Cape Town
  21. Sunset at Golden Gate
  22. Be a tourist in New York
  23. Watch Les Miserables on Broadway
  24. Visit the Golden Pavillion in Kyoto
  25. Walk around Osaka Castle
  26. See the Opera House in Sydney
  27. Walk the Harbour bridge in Sydney
  28. A day at the Zoo with Koalas and Kangaroos
  29. Spend a week in Kyoto’s fall foliage
  30. See the cherry blossoms in Japan
  31. Visit the five palaces in South Korea
  32. Re-live Winter sonata vibes in Nami Island
  33. Experience any of Tennis Grand Slam
  34. Watch Wimbledon live
  35. Experience a white December
  36. Attend Lunar New Year in a Chinese country
  37. Visit Universal Studios 
  38. Go to the happiest place on earth
  39. Chill at Victoria Harbour
  40. Stop by a Casino in Macau
  41. Parasail in Boracay

What’s yours?


2 thoughts on “Bucket List

  1. My Bucket List:

    1. Attend 3 World Cups in my lifetime – already knocked off the first with World Cup 2014 in Brazil
    2. Visit all 7 Wonders in the World – already have seen two – Machu Picchu & Christ the Redemeer
    3. Visit all 7 Continents – already have seen three (North America, South America & Europe)
    4. Visit 100 countries in my lifetime – up to 23 at the moment
    5. Cage dive with Great White sharks in South Africa
    6. Bungy jump in New Zealand
    7. Watch at least one hockey game in every single National Hockey League arena
    8. Watch an FC Santa Claus footy match in their home stadium (Finland)
    9. Watch a Kontinental Hockey League game in Kazakhstan
    10. Rugby World Cup
    11. Summer Olympics
    12. Winter Olympics
    13. All four Grand Slam tennis tournaments (Aussie Open, French Open, Wimbledon, US Open)
    14. Monaco Grand Prix
    15. Watch all three Triple Crown events (Kentucky Derby, Belmont Stakes & Preakness)
    16. Watch the Canadian Men’s National Soccer Team play an away game
    17. Ride an ostrich
    18. Backpack around Cuba only staying in Casa Particulars
    19. Successfully go piranha fishing – failed twice (once in Peru & once in Brazil)
    20. Hang glide in Rio de Janeiro
    21. Stanley Cup Finals game
    22. Super Bowl
    23. World Series game
    24. English Premiere League match
    25. Go to a Euro tournament
    26. Copa America tournament
    27. Hike to Everest Base Camp
    28. Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan
    29. Ayer’s Rock
    30. Visit all 50 states in the United States
    31. Get PADI certified in Honduras
    32. Watch at least one football game in every single National Football League stadium
    33. Attend a European Music Festival – probably Roskilde
    34. Feed hyenas in Ethiopia
    35. Attend the Fireball Festival in El Salvador
    36. Auschwitz
    37. Angkor Wat
    38. Socotra Island
    39. Northern Lights in Norway
    40. Oktoberfest
    41. Running with the Bulls
    42. Carnival in Rio
    43. Trans-Siberian Railway
    44. Mass Games in North Korea
    45. Go to a United States College Bowl game
    46. Mardi Gras
    47. Jack Daniels Distillery tour
    48. Go to a European Christmas Market
    49. Go to the Bahrain Grand Prix
    50. Backpack around India

    I am sure there are more things I want to do, but this is just a “short” Bucket List. 😉


    • Wooooow. This is a nice list and it involves mainly sports events which is pretty cool. Yeah pretty much, the bucket list is like you tick off one and add two more on your list. At least for me kkkk~~. Good luck on your list. Plenty of good places to see and experience.


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