A hint of Eastern Sydney

If you wanna get away from the city-feeling Sydney has, look not far away because in just about 30mins you’ll feel like you’re in a far away place.

Another thing that I really like about Sydney is that, it doesn’t take you too long of a ride to escape from the city. Eastern Sydney offers you plenty of beaches to choose from. And it is a not to be miss on your itinerary. Whenever someone visits here, I always recommend doing the Bondi Beach – Macquarie Lighthouse – Gap Park to Watsons Bay tour. This is definitely can be done in half a day depends on how much photo-op you’re gonna take (because every spot is worth taking a photo).

Coming from the city, take the bus 380 or 389, both will take you to Bondi. On a busy day like holidays or weekends, it’s better to ride the bus from the city because when it gets to Bondi Junction station, the bus will already be full and you have to stand for 10-15mins.


When you get to Bondi, you will be greeted with locals having their usual tan, surfers, beach-goers and fine sand. Be sure to not forget your thongs (flipflops/slippers whatever)! You can have a swim, play with the sand, or even just enjoy the sea breeze and ambience. Once you get enough of it, head over to the Bondi – Coogee coastal walk which will lead you to Bondi Icebergs and fantastic views of Bondi beach. I recommend doing the Coastal walk until Marks Park.

After that, take the same 380 bus going to Macquarie Lighthouse. If you go on the right day, you can book a tour and get inside the lighthouse. Or you can just take photo and take it all in.


From here, just walk towards the Gap Bluff. You will be treated with spectacular views of the sea while being caressed by the sea breeze. Another tip, put on your sunscreen, hat and sunnies, sun may be harsh. Coastal walk paths will lead you to the Gap Bluff which is a very touristy place and can get crowded. Nonetheless, it its a brilliant work of nature which left me in awe.


If you still continue, you will be able to see Hornby lighthouse or you can just head-over down Watson Bay for a sumptuous fish and chips.


You have two options going back to the city, either take the bus or hop on the Watsons bay ferry to Circular Quay from 45mins and 20mins, respectively. If you think this is not enough for you, why not take the 30min scenic Manly ferry after at Circular Quay?