Martin Place


1 Martin Place in Sydney CBD

Too long since my last post. I thought I could’ve blog about my last trip in Sydney and Canberra, but unfortunately I was too busy living life and haven’t had a chance to do so. However, even before the new year resolution era starts (2017 hell..yeah!), I thought I’d share random street photos from my runabouts here in my new home – Sydney. Yes, I recently moved and has now settled down which is why I can probably start blogging again.

The above photo was taken in Martin Place just right beside the Martin Place train station. This building houses big names here in Sydney CBD. If you happen to be doing a walking tour around the area, don’t miss your chance and drop by Martin Place which is where the annual ANZAC memorial is held.


Victoria Harbour


This was probably the most popular sight in Hong Kong and I would say what identifies it besides the Bruce Lee statue at the Tsim Sha Tsui Promenade which is as of this writing is undergoing a renovation. I know there’s been an issue running about this to be nominated as the UNESCO World Heritage in Hong Kong and not the Chi Lin Nunnery which they thought about as not UNESCO worthy given it doesn’t really embodies the country in its identity. I can’t comment much about the said issue but to just admire this man-made (I would say) view in which is truly something you cannot miss. Although the Symphony of Lights isn’t really something to be in awe about, the ambiance at the Kowloon Public Pier, the ferries going back and forth Hong Kong Island, street performers at night and the historic clock tower watching Victoria Harbour makes it so popular. The area itself is flocked by tourists day and night. I think I saw more tourists than locals riding the Star Ferry going to the other side of the harbour. It seems rather amazing that TST itself is alived and fueled by the tourists with all its bright lights and luxury consumerism all over the place.